Today the instutute has developed a vast network by attaching itself with to various Blood Banks, government hospitals / Non Governmental organizations in and around Patna.The field training is provided only to the selected candidates depending on their performance in the second/final examinations. The students can arrange their own field practical training for six months in any of the reputed hospital / nursing home / laboratory with prior written permission from the institute.


It is having a large collection of reference books on different subjects relating to the course syllabus and other general books / magazines to update the knowledge of students. The books are one issued to students for their home reading for a period of fortnight.

Audio Visual Center

Its having various medical video cassettes from " Medical Video Television Network " for teaching purposes and to demonstrate the live recording on various procedures of the course syllabus, models on various subjects, charts and slides. It is equipped with Epidiascope, Slide Projector and Overhead Projector for demonstration of figures of various human body organs and systems, text on larger screens for better understanding of the students.